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This makes it somewhat more susceptible to being dented and manipulated. Steel doors have a smooth surface that’s easy to wipe clean of dust and dirt. If the door is scratched, it should be repainted to prevent rusting. Simply wipe the surface clean with a soft, moist cloth as needed to clear away dirt and dust.

Steel Entry & Exterior Door Features

Just because our name has “window” in it, doesn’t mean that is the only item we specialize in. Any exterior work – from to exterior doors to windows – can all be completed by our team of professional installers. Steel front doors are usually made with gauge steel and will never crack, warp or rot, ensuring long-lasting durability. Our custom-fitted entry doors are available in a multitude of styles, woodgrain finishes, and color options.

When you are ready to invest in home exterior upgrades, choosing a new front entry door replacement is a smart choice. This simple detail can really give your front entrance unique charm and beauty that impresses guests and makes you proud of your home. It also keeps air from escaping and driving up the cost of your utilities.

We offer a wide variety of colours and configurations, alongside customization options to ensure that you love your new door. In addition to their utility, steel and glass interior doors are the height of modernity and style, increasing the attractiveness of your space. STL Windows and Doors provide top-quality entry doors with a bespoke, friendly service. modern french doors will be treated with the utmost respect during the buying process as we work to understand your needs and specific requirements on a case-by-case basis.

These facts will support you when it’s time to choose a new exterior door. A wood door slab will run you anywhere from $500-$5,000, with wooden doors typically starting at a higher price point than steel or fiberglass if you’re working with quality wood. The pricing could also vary depending on the type of wood and slab sizes.

In addition to needing the over 350 blast resistant openings on the project, the Navy also required the doors and frames to be delivered on a very strict and short schedule. To meet the challenge, Curries provided a shipping schedule that the distributor and contractor were able to work with to meet the Navy’s demands. In light of this, the manufacturer, DCI Hollow Metal on Demand, offered to deliver the products in smaller batches as needed. They would deliver 50 one day, another batch the next, etc. so the GC could install them as received rather than manage thousands of doors and frames on site. While the products were on time and made to spec, it was the custom delivery schedule that saved the day. The building required custom glazed elevations and thousands of standard, fire rated, and custom hollow metal doors and frames.

Offering custom solutions to bring your unique and modern style to the surface with gorgeous and durable steel options. If you have a wine room, you will want a wine room steel door that showcases your collection but also keeps the room at the perfect temperature. It’s essential that the bottles are protected from drastic temperature changes and weather conditions to preserve the integrity of the wine.

For starters, there’s the price tag, the sturdiness of the material itself, its energy efficiency, care and maintenance, color longevity and the realism appearance of the material. Depending on where you live and the architectural style of your home, each type of material has its own positives and negatives. For a stylish door that looks like wood but isn’t as hard to maintain, fiberglass is worth considering. Fiberglass can closely mimic many wood grains, such as cherry, oak and mahogany, creating a beautiful appearance. Fiberglass usually comes prepainted or stained to achieve a unique, customized look. Add elegance and durability to your entryway with the Regency pre-finished fiberglass door.

Hardware Designs

You have a lot to think about when it’s time to choose a home entry door. Steel doors are comprised of either a polyurethane or polystyrene core with a steel skin over the top. North Star stands behind all of its windows and doors with a generous limited lifetime warranty. The benefits of the North Star warranty are also transferable to a subsequent owner. Special adhesives/thermal barrier reduce heat and cold transfer, while our exclusive tab and slot system of mechanical interlocks gives the door exceptional structural strength.

Both steel and fiberglass can imitate the look of wood grain, but doors are available in multiple other styles and looks as well. Our metal and glass doors showcase the finest European construction and weld work. Glenview doors are made using only the highest quality materials making them look luxurious while maintaining durability and style.

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